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Welcome to one of the many Robertson Family Tree sites on the net.  I am using this site to display what I have found in the many years of research I have conducted.  As with all genealogy, the information I give my not be completely accurate, I have needed to make some assumptions. 

I started seriously researching my family in early 2000.  I was fortunate that I was able to interview surviving members of my family as well as have a documented, although limited, family history.  The farthest back anyone in my family had a recollection of, or documentation for, was my 3rd Great grandfather, Thomas Rice Robertson, born 10 Jun 1826, married to Amy Kite, fathers name of John, mothers name of Sarah, and killed 09 May 1864 in the Civil War Battle of Cloyd's Mountain, Virginia. 

Even having this information, researching proved to be a daunting task.  I had a small breakthrough in 2003 after I joined an online genealogy site when I came across his muster and role Civil War information.  I knew his regiment, what he did and what side he fought for.  That was the last break through for many years.  In 2006 I decided to take a DNA test through familytreedna.com and one of their Scottish clan projects.  The nice thing about this is they match up with individuals that share the same ancestors, obviously this can be hit or miss since it can be hard to find people that share DNA within the last couple hundred years.

I have added all the old pictures I have as well as a few different family trees and documents to this site.  I know that what I have is very incomplete, if you have any pictures, stories or information you would like to pass on to me please email me at davidmrobertsonii@gmail.com.   Thanks!


Last Updated: 15 October, 2012